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Plume Privacy Quiz

Quiz by Umang

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of these is a Data Privacy Law
  • Q2
    Which of these is a Customer Right
  • Q3
    What should you do in case of knowledge of Data breach at Plume
    Notify stakeholders
    Move along with your day
    Tell your friends
    Report to Media
  • Q4
    Monetary fine under GDPR
    No fine
    50% of revenue
    Greater of 4% of Revenue or 20 M euros
  • Q5
    Which of this private data does Plume store about customers
    Email password
    Phone passcode
    Wifi Password
    Street Address
  • Q6
    Which of these is the correct way to collect user data
    Dumpster Diving
    Portal with user consent
    Dark Web
    Hack their digital accounts
  • Q7
    Which of these is Sensitive Information
    Zip code
    Street Number
  • Q8
    Krishna from the load testing team asks you access for Theta (LGI production deployment in EU) topology history S3 bucket from DST (development account in AWS EU) . You would ?
    Meet with the InfoSec team to make this possible
    Copy data in a file
    Give him access to S3 bucket
    Ask him to file a Jira Ticket
  • Q9
    Susmita files a JIRA ticket for Muru and Dipali to store Kappa (Plume retail EU deployment) Blocked DNS queries from spamPhishMalware for 1 year for her customer facing dashboards. Muru should:
    Check with Adam to see if we really need to do this
    Change the time to live on data to 1 year to meet Susmita’s ask
    Negotiate with Susmita to change the time to live on data to 6 months since that would meet operational budget
    Find out maximum permissible retention policy applicable to Kappa and educate Susmita about this policy
  • Q10
    Some advertising company approaches Todd to provide Geo IP locations of people who use “School Nights” device freeze feature. Todd should
    Negotiate with the advertiser to sell them aggregated data instead of individual data
    Sell the data and increase profit for the quarter.
    Take consent from consumers before sharing and update privacy policy
    Refuse their offer
  • Q11
    Plume acquires Company X. Plume can contact customers to sell Plume services
    If Plume lawyer's say it is ok
    If it is part of the acquisition contract
    If Company X's privacy policy allowed such use by a partner or acquiring company
    If Plume's Privacy policy allowed such use of customer contact information
  • Q12
    Gary plans to implement a new tool which will store personal information and will administer the system. How should he provision access for other Plume employees
    Download data and provide it through email.
    Create a separate account for employees who request access on a need to know basis and the required access level within the tool
    Share the Admin credentials with everyone who asks.
    Create an Admin account for everyone.

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