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PM Processes

Quiz by Sinjini B

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    In which of the following process groups is the WBS created?
    Create WBS
  • Q2
    The project manager of a large manufacturing project is racing against time to complete the planning activities on his project. He wants to make sure that the planning process is as efficient as possible. Which of the following options would best help his cause?
    Create the activity list after creating the scope statement
    Perform the risk response planning prior to performing the quantitative risk analysis
    Conduct risk management planning prior to documenting the known risks
    Determine the dependencies between project activities prior to developing the project schedule
  • Q3
    Perform quality assurance falls under which process group?
    Project Quality Management
    Monitoring & Controlling
  • Q4
    The project team has come up with a list of recommended preventive actions to ensure that the project performance stays on track with the project plan. Which process group is the project team currently in?
    Monitoring & Controlling
  • Q5
    Which of the following is concerned with the processes required to ensure that the project will satisfy customer requirements?
    Project Integration Management
    Project Quality Management
    Project Scope Management
    Customer Management
  • Q6
    A large construction project is on track as per the project management plan. However during the construction of one of the buildings, some of the environmentalists raise an objection to the construction stating that it would endanger a nearby lake. The project manager realizes that he totally forgot about including the environmental group in the initial stakeholder meetings. If the project manager then evaluates whether project planning needs to be re-done, the project manage is in which project management process group?
    Monitoring & Controlling
  • Q7
    Which of the following is not a process within the executing process group?
    Develop project team
    Report Performance
    Work Performance Information
    Conduct Procurement
  • Q8
    One of the team members meets the project manager mid-way during the project and informs him that one of the activities he needed to perform (as per the initial project plan) is no longer required. Which project management process (group) should the project team ideally be in?
    Monitoring and controlling
    Integrated change control
    Corrective action
  • Q9
    Who should be in control of the project during the monitoring and controlling process group?
    Project sponsor
    Project manager
    Project team members
    Change control board
  • Q10
    Closure includes all of the following EXCEPT?
    Add new skills acquired to team member’s HR Record
    Determining Performance Measures
    Index and archive project records
    Creation and Distribution of final report of performance.

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