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PMP (Communication Management) Questions

Quiz by Amer ali

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  • Q1

    A project manager reviews surveys from participants of a recent project meeting.  Based on the feedback provided,  it is evident that attendees in the back of the meeting room had difficulty hearing the speakers and seeing the slide presentation. Some have suggested having the presenters use microphones as well as distributing hard copies of the presentation before the meeting, so all of the attendees can better follow along.

     What should the project manager do next?

    Reduce the number of participants invited to future meetings

    Revise the stakeholder register

    Update the lessons  learned repository

    Capture the information in the issue log

  • Q2

    As the project progresses, the project manager realizes more regular meetings with the project crew working at the customer's location is required.

     To ensure this need is properly documented, which of the following should be updated?

    Project charter

    Performance report

    Risk register

    Project schedule

  • Q3

    During a meeting,  it is apparent that the director of marketing was in advertently left off the communication of a scope change to the product under development. After the issue is resolved, the project manager wants to document how the issue could have been avoided to prevent a recurrence.

     What should the project manager update?

    Assumption log

    Lessons learned register

    RACI chart

    Best practices log

  • Q4

    The project you are managing is well  underway, and you are currently actively collecting and storing information about the progress of project deliverables, creating forecasts for your sponsor, distributing work performance reports, and presenting project status to key stakeholders.

     Which process are you performing?

    Manage Stakeholder Engagement

    Plan Communications Management

    Monitor Communications

    Manage Communications

  • Q5

    Once a quarter, a project manager invites managers from various departments to the project team meetings. Although these managers are not involved in the project, the project manager invites them because this is what she was doing in her previous organization.  However, when any of these managers attend the meetings, their questions cause the meeting to run late.

     What should have been done differently?

    Following up the meeting with minutes

    Inviting the appropriate participants

    Starting the meeting by stating the objectives

    Preparing and distributing an agenda

  • Q6

    A project manager has been assigned to a heavily-regulated drug development project that will use traditional waterfall phases combined with agile methodologies.  Currently, the project manager is conducting a communication requirements analysis as part of the development of a communications management plan.

     What is the best strategy to address the communication  needs of this hybrid project?

    Ensure that only the regulatory compliance elements of the project are included  in the communications management plan

    Determine directions of influence of each project stakeholder and include the results in the communications management plan

    Develop the requirements list specific to the waterfall phases and use regulatory obligations as overarching requirements for all phases

    A communications management plan is not necessary when some of the project phases are executed using an agile approach.

  • Q7

    You are a project manager conducting a team meeting to discuss communications management on your current project The project information is being managed and distributed using various tools including social media management, electronic communications management, and electronic project management tools. These tools are used to ensure stakeholders can easily access project information in a timely manner. The project team is making use of which one of the tools or techniques associated with the Manage Communications process?

    Project information technology system (PITS)

    Work performance information

    Communications management  plan

    Project management information system (PMIS)

  • Q8

    The plan to have 80% of the 10,000 employees enrolled in the new system by the end of the month is nowhere near target The project team has sent multiple emails to the entire company with the reminders to enroll. What should the project manager do?

    Instruct the team to send another email stressing the importance of the deadline

    Evaluate project communications and the communication strategy

    Submit a change request to update the communications management plan

    Offer an incentive to managers who get 80% or greater of their employees enrolled

  • Q9

    The project is required to notify the public at various stages. A public relations specialist was involved in planning the communications for the project. Now, when the project is in execution, the communications with the public up to this point do not appear to be effective.  A survey revealed only 2% of the public was aware of the project. Whom should the project manager contact first?

    A quality specialist

    The project sponsor

    The public relations specialist

    The project management office

  • Q10

    During video conferences, a project manager notices that a project team member frequently stands up and paces around the room while speaking. This behavior causes the team member to disappear from view and creates a distraction for the other meeting participants What should the project manager do?

    Discuss the issue in private with the team member

    Nothing, since all people are different


    Discreetly mention the behavior to the meeting participants and tell them to accept the behavior

    Make a rule that all people should stay seated during meetings

  • Q11

    A project involving teams and vendors in multiple countries is halfway complete when you replace the project manager. You have not managed a global project before, and you are interested in learning how the project communications are being distributed and what technology is being used to share them. Where will you find this information?

    The requirements management  plan

    The communications  management  plan

    The distribution management plan

    The stakeholder engagement  plan

  • Q12

    Executives in a certain business unit of the company have failed to attend project related meetings. The project manager has sent multiple invites and requests to respond Another project manager tells him that he must work with the administrator of the respective business units to get any response and attendance. Which skill did the other project manager demonstrate?

    Meeting  management

    Active listening

    Political awareness

    Social engineering

  • Q13

    A product  review to demonstrate what  has been worked  on during this first month  is scheduled  for Friday. Should the project manager communicate  to the customer  about this meeting  and why or why not?

    No,  only internal stakeholders should attend the product  review.

    Yes,  the customer  is  a mandatory  participant  in every product  review

    No,  it is too early in the project  for the customer to see the product

    Yes, the  customer  can join and provide feedback  on the work in  progress.

  • Q14

    A project manager discovers that due to schedule conflicts, some key stakeholders have not been attending a weekly conference call where important decisions are made. To address the issue, the project manager proposes to establish alternative communication methods. Which of the following will likely be updated as a result of this proposal?

    Quality management  plan

    Stakeholder engagement assessment  matrix

    Work breakdown structure

    Communications management plan

  • Q15

    In a meeting with a project stakeholder, the stakeholder explains why she has not been engaged with the project as expected.  You meet with her in her office. You take notes, ask some clarifying questions, and demonstrate attentiveness through body language, and capturing her input What interpersonal skill are you leveraging in this exchange?

    Active listening

    Political awareness

    Passive listening

    Cultural awareness


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