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PMP (Quality Management) Questions

Quiz by Amer ali

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  • Q1

    To test the deliverable, the team is using a testing device, which should be kept in a refrigerator. Recent test results show excellent precision; however, the accuracy varies with each test run. The project manager suspects there is a correlation between the testing results and the amount of time the device has been out of the refrigerator before testing begins. What is the best course of action for the project manager to confirm or reject her suspicions?

    Update the risk repository

    Use a scatter diagram

    Use control charts

    Update the lessons learned register

  • Q2

    A project has just completed the first of three phases. During a recent meeting with the customer, the project manager learns that the customer is concerned that the quality process, as laid out in the quality management plan, is not being followed.  As a result, the customer is thinking about canceling the project. What is the best way for the project manager to verify the customer's claim?

    Check the quality metrics

    Carry out a performance review

    Conduct a quality audit

    Run statistical sampling

  • Q3

    You are very concerned about the substantial percentage of failures during the latest major inspection. Because of the high number of potential causes, you would like the team to conduct a detailed investigation. Estimates are that the investigation will delay the project for 4-6 weeks. This is a problem because the project is already substantially behind schedule. What should you do?

    Proceed with the investigation, and notify the project stakeholders

    Use the integrated change control system to request a change to the schedule baseline

    Update the schedule baseline and proceed with the investigation immediately

    Delay the investigation until another major inspection can be conducted

  • Q4

    A product owner is giving an agile presentation at a meeting for some senior project stakeholders. One of the attendees asks him what he believes is the main benefit of using an agile method on a project. The product owner explains that following agile principles when executing a project helps the project team to detect problems early and often, and allows more opportunities and time to address problems before they become even bigger issues. What aspect of Agile enables this type of problem detection?

    Adopting a random organizational paradigm for the project team's structure

    Relying on documentation,  process, and formality

    Performing incremental development with reflection

    Avoiding failing early

  • Q5

    In the design phase, external experts verified that the team's blueprints for a new crane complied with requirements.  During the build phase, the customer performed a walkthrough and found that some welding joints on the crane were defective. The crane needs to be reworked to ensure it can be operated safely. How could this situation have been avoided?

    Defects are part of any project and cannot be avoided.

    Testing the welding before the customer walkthrough

    Outsourcing the welding to an external vendor

    Using the requirements traceability matrix

  • Q6

    A junior software developer will be paired with a senior developer in an extreme Programming (XP) project. What can the senior developer teach the junior developer about the XP pair programming practices?

    The defect rate is doubled because the code is produced by two developers

    The product quality is  higher because defects are caught early in development.

    Refactoring is done more frequently as both developers code at the same time.

    The learning curve is halved because each developer has only half the time to learn.

  • Q7

    Your project is to design a payroll automation system for a client company. You have assured the client that the system contains all of the state-of-the-art features to protect it against modern threats. The client has asked you to perform a penetration test in order to validate your claim. The cost to perform this test is an example of which of the following?

    Cost of changes

    Cost plus fixed fee

    Cost of nonconformance

    Cost of conformance

  • Q8

    What is at the heart of continuous improvement of most agile projects?

    Theory of constraints

    Learning cycle

    Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle

    DMAIC cycle

  • Q9

    As the agile project progresses, it becomes evident that the user stories are not sufficiently tested. At the iteration retrospective meeting, the team conducts a why-why analysis and determines the root cause of the issue. Which of the following was the most likely root cause found by the team?

    Vague project scope

    Incomplete definition of done

    Lack of tacit knowledge

    Poor osmotic communication

  • Q10

    You are managing a project to produce new smartwatches. Several inspections have been conducted during the manufacturing process, and defects of various types have been detected. You want to document these defects in a way that will specify how many defects of each type were found per inspection. Which tool is the best to use in this situation?

    Scatter diagrams

    Pareto diagrams

    Control charts

    Check sheets

  • Q11

    A project manager has just completed the development of the quality management plan and determined quality metrics. During this process, the project manager and team identified numerous quality requirements and standards for the project and its deliverables. Which of the following would be the most likely outcome of this process?

    Test and evaluation documents

    Project team assignments

    Updates to the requirements traceability matrix

    Determination of the optimal cost of quality

  • Q12

    You are leading a project to build a production line for the engine parts in a new electric vehicle. The inspection of the parts created by the initial run of the line has resulted in an unacceptably high failure rate. However, an audit conducted by an independent quality team reports that it is the inspection routine that was flawed and that almost all of the questionable parts do in fact meet the specifications What is your next step?

    Meet with the quality team to determine what changes are required in the quality management plan

    Update the scope, schedule and cost baselines to incorporate an improved inspection routine

    Update the quality management plan to remove the flawed inspection routine

    Meet with the production line design team to determine what changes need to be made to the line

  • Q13

    A project manager wants to incorporate a continuous improvement approach throughout project execution. Which of the following actions is the project manager least likely to take?

    Holding a retrospective meeting at the end of the project

    Setting up a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle

    Including a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt on the project team

    Encouraging the team to use a Deming cycle

  • Q14

    A project manager is leading a project to produce a new model of an x-ray machine. The quality assurance lead provides checklists that the team needs to use and follow at all times. Also, rigorous reviews are required at the end of each stage of the manufacturing process. What tool or technique should the project manager use to determine if project activities comply with organizational and project policies, processes, and procedures?

    Quality audits

    Quality  reports

    Process  analysis

    Design for X (DX)

  • Q15

    A project manager is leading a project that requires ball bearings to be manufactured to meet precise specifications. After conducting the test of measuring the size of the ball bearings in the first batch of the production run, it is determined that the size exceeds the control limits established for the project, and the entire batch must be scrapped. What should the project manager do first?

    Recalibrate the machine as necessary and retest the batch

    Make another batch of ball bearings and conduct the test

    Update the lessons learned  register and issue the status report

    Capture the information in the issue log and assign an owner


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