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PNU Practice Test

Quiz by Maricel Reyes

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  • Q1

    Which of the following is the new vision of DepEd (2013)

    Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation

    Filipinos who are creative inventors, researchers and entrepreneurs.

    Filipinos who are Makabayan, Makatao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa

    Filipino children who are God-loving, nationalistic, environment friendly , competent and have concern for others

  • Q2

    What is the new mission of the DepEd (2013)

    Provide systematic, friendly, encouraging environment for teachers

    Provide learners with a safe, student-centered and child-friendly learning environment

    Protect and Promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based and complete basic education

    Provides quality basic education to all learners through formal, informal and non-formal ways

  • Q3

    Which of the following are basic reasons for education?

         i. Prepare children for life

         ii. Instill an understanding of the value of society

         iii. Realize that life choices have consequences

         iv. Equip students with tools to become life-long learners

    i, ii and iii

    i and ii

    ii and iii

    i, ii, iii and iv

  • Q4

    Which of the following models of supervision views satisfaction as a desirable end?

    Human Experience

    Professional Improvement

    High Expectation

    School Effectiveness

  • Q5

    Which of the following are ways of communicating the goals to implement the schools vision and mission? Through_________

         i. Team briefing

         ii. Notice boards

         iii. Newsletter

         iv. Meetings

    ii, iii and iv

    ii anf iv

    i, ii and iii

    i, ii, iii and iv

  • Q6

    Which of the following methods of communication is most appropriate when understanding is important?


    Notice board



  • Q7

    In SBM, the schools vision-mission, accomplishments and future plans are communicated through the __________

    School Bulletin

    School Memorandum

    School Report Card

    School Circular

  • Q8

    Which of the following is NOT one among the interventions which can be tried out in School Improvement and Innovations Project (SIIP)

    New ways of assessing students performance

    Strategies in increasing the income of the school

    New Learning Approach

    Use of Technology and equipment

  • Q9

    Which stage or step in the SIIP implementation makes the innovation part parcel of the regular instruction?





  • Q10

    Which of the following is not a priority area in preparing SIIP proposal?

    Decreasing drop-out rates

    Producing winners in national and international competitions

    Increasing participation rate

    Increasing learning achievements

  • Q11

    In the SIIP, which of the following is one of the expected results?

    Increasing Participation Rate

    Decrease in Drop-out Rate

    Student Outcomes

    Teacher Effectiveness

  • Q12

    For a strategic plan to be process-driven, it has to have steps. Which step tells where the school wants to go?


    Results Measurement



  • Q13

    Which of the following is concerned with making the formulated strategy work?

         i. Assigning task

         ii. Allocating resources

         iii. Setting timetables

         iv. Carrying out the day to day activities as planned

    i, ii and iii

    i, ii, iii and iv

    ii, iii and iv

    i, i and iv

  • Q14

    If you discovered several problems, what should you do?





  • Q15

    Which of the following are indicators of high-performing teams that get the best results?

         i. Overcome hurdles

         ii. Show initiatives

         iii. Concentrate on one function

         iv. Respond quickly to client needs

    ii and iv only

    i, ii and iv only

    i and ii only

    ii and iii only


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