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Poetry Practice Grandma's Visit5/7/21

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    5 The house is full of oven smells, 6 Floating, aromatic 7 Of chocolate and apricot 8 From living room to attic In line 6 the word aromatic means-
    having a pleasant and distinctive smell
    to remove the scent of something
    having a bad odor
    particles in the air
  • Q2
    Read lines 5 through 8 of the poem. The house is full of oven smells, Floating, aromatic— Of chocolate and apricot— From living room to attic— Why does the poet include descriptive language in these lines?
    To persuade the reader to have the same kind of smells in their home when they have visitors.
    To explain how to cook.
    To tell the reader how to create different scents in their home.
    To emphasize the special scent of food in the house when Grandma comes to visit.
  • Q3
    1 There’s something different in the air 2 As you come in one day, 3 And suddenly you realize— 4 Grandma’s come to stay! (Line 4 is different from the other lines of the poem most likely because the poet wants to -
    show that the line should be read slowly
    to suggest that this is the most important line in the poem
    to add humor to the poem
    emphasize the idea expressed in the line
  • Q4
    Which line from the poem best shows that Grandma can be understanding or supportive?
    The lilting songs she loves to sing
    The house is full of oven smells
    And always there is music
    She’s sure to listen when you speak She always hears you through
  • Q5
    What can the reader conclude about the speaker's ideas about Grandma's visit throughout the poem?
    The speaker thinks some of the things they do with Grandma are a waste of time.
    The speaker has wonderful or great experiences with Grandma.
    The speaker is confused about Grandma.
    The speaker wishes they could live with Grandma.

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