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Point of View


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  • Q1

    Point of View =

    Feelings, Opinion, Claims, Perspective, Beliefs, Thoughts

  • Q2

    1st Person Point of View

    Key Pronouns: I, me, mine, my, we, our, us...

  • Q3

    2nd Person Point of View

    Key Pronouns: you, your

  • Q4

    3rd Person Point of View

    Key words: Character's Names, He, she, they, their, him, her. The narrator is NOT part of the story

  • Q5

    1st Person POV Example

    I cooked dinner last night.

  • Q6

    2nd Person POV Example

    For dinner, you decided to make mac and cheese.

  • Q7

    3rd Person POV Example

    Omakayas visited her sister Angeline in the birchbark house

  • Q8


    When characters talk! BUT Don't look at this part of a text when determining POV


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