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Politics and Reform review

Quiz by Melissa Crandall

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  • Q1
    What change allowed more people to vote in America in the 1830’s?
    Men who didn’t own property were allowed to vote.
    Non citizens were allowed to vote.
    Women were allowed to vote
    African Americans were allowed to vote
  • Q2
    What change broadened democratic rights in Presidential elections in the 1830’s?
    Most States allowed people to pick the electors for Presidential votes.
    We got rid of the electoral college.
    Senators picked the electors for Presidential votes.
    All people could vote
  • Q3
    How did the process for choosing presidential candidates change in the 1800's?
    The Supreme Court chose
    A caucus system where the Senate chose.
    The old president chose the candidates.
    Nominating conventions in the states chose
  • Q4
    What was the Second Great Awakening?
    A Protestant religious revival in the early 1800s
    An African American cultural revolution
    A group of women suffragettes
    A type of Native American religious dance
  • Q5
    What changes did Horace Mann work towards in the education system?
    Tax funded public schools
    More training for teachers
    Non-religious based education
    All of the above
  • Q6
    How did prisons change in the 1800s?
    They became more focused on rehabilitation and less focused on punishment.
    They made punishment so severe that crime disappeared.
    They became more brutal because people didn’t value the lives of criminals
    They did away with traditional prisons and shipped all the criminals to Australia.
  • Q7
    What rights did the Native Americans have in the 1800's?
    They were able to own whatever property they wanted.
    They could practice their religions as they saw fit without government interference.
    They were able to vote in local and national elections
    None of these
  • Q8
    How did Dorethea Dix help reform mental institutions?
    Solitary confinement and better conditions
    Treatment and better conditions
    Closing mental Asylums and placing in group homes
    Adding nurses and doctors
  • Q9
    What was the spoils system?
    Appointing loyal political supporters to government positions
    Giving jobs to the most qualified people
    Fighting your enemies
    Using mudslinging to campaign
  • Q10
    What early political party was formed because of slavery?
  • Q11
    What modern political party generally believes ithe federal government should take and active part in peoples lives?

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