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Quiz by Suphitchaya Chomthong

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11 questions
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  • Q1

    To the recent year, how long has Clean Up Greece organization has been working to save the environment?

    27 years

    24 years

    26 years

    25 years

  • Q2

    . Using plastic bags and bottles again effectively prevents__________.

    Polluted Earth

    Polluted Seas

    Polluted Earth and polluted Air

    Polluted Air

  • Q3

    To use “the reduce process” in preventing Seas pollution, we should_______.

    stop using chemical products

    throw garbage away on the ground instead

    consume less water than usual

    eat snacks like bananas and oranges that are not in packets

  • Q4

    If there are many factories in the next few years, what will happen?

    there will be more ocean pollution 

    there will be more clean food in the future.

    there will be more air pollution and acid rain

    many plants will grow up easier in the soil.

  • Q5

    To reduce "Lead" from vegetables, we should_________?

    use certain vegetable to improve the soil in the garden. 

    embed Lead into the soil.

    tell the old factories not to produce Lead.

    clean up our hands before eating vegetables.

  • Q6

    According to "R theory" which is the process of using the waste of vegetables as fertilizer?





  • Q7

    What is the purpose of this message?

    To promote Clean Up Greece

    To persuade people to save the world

     To introduce the United Nations

    To contrast people who destroy the world

  • Q8

    What is the tone of the author?





  • Q9

    What is the advantage of “R theory”?

    To decrease the number of garbage that harms the environment

    To decrease the benefits of the harmful garbage

    To increase using the products that harms environment

    To increase amount of money from producing the products

  • Q10

    It can be inferred from the passage that__________________.

    People should join the Clean Up World and the United Nations.

    The air pollution causes the acid rain and also the chemical soil.

    Using the R theory is beneficial for the world environment.

    The world should stop building the factories.

  • Q11

    The passage probably be found in the section__________________.

    The World Protection

    The World Pollution

    The Organization Relationship

    The Environment of the World


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