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Post and share materials on blogs in a safe and responsible manner.

Quiz by Rose Ann Ladia

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  • Q1

    1.       What is the first step in creating a blog post?

    b. Choose a domain name

    c. Go to the blogging platform website

    d. Customize the name of your blog

    a. Write a post

  • Q2

    2. What is an essential step before publishing your work?

    c. Choose a domain name

    a. Add a little to your post

    d. Customize the name of your blog

    b. Check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation

  • Q3

    3. What is a guideline for safe and responsible use of a blog site?

    c. Write respectfully and professionally

    b. Attack personalities you don't like

    a. Use offensive language to express your opinions

    d. Post personal information freely

  • Q4

    4. How should you maintain your writing tone on a blog?

    b. Write objectively and professionally

    a. Use offensive language for emphasis

    c. Attack personalities to make your point

    d. Post offensive content to engage readers

  • Q5

    5. What is advised when dealing with individuals in your blog posts?

    c. Give respect and avoid attacking personalities

    d. Post offensive content about others

    a. Attack personalities freely

    b. Bash people you do not like


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