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Post Test 3 Practice

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Consider the coordinate plane shown. Which of the following is a true statement?
    Question Image
    Point P is located in Quadrant II and is 2 units from the x-axis.
    Point N is located in Quadrant III and is 4 units from the y-axis.
    Point L is located in Quadrant II and is 4 units from the x-axis.
    Point M is located in Quadrant III and is 2 units from the y-axis.
  • Q2
    Which words does NOT apply to a rhombus.
  • Q3
    A rectangular prism has a length of 9 meters, width of 3 meters, and height of 2 meters. What is the surface area of the prism?
    54 square meters
    105 square meters
    51 square meters
    102 square meters
  • Q4
    Which situation would gather data in order to derive the approximation for pi?
    Determining the number of tiles needed to cover a surface
    Determining how many one-inch cubes fit into a container
    Measuring the circumference and diameter of several different sized circles
    Measuring the length of a piece of string used to wrap around a polygon
  • Q5
    Look at the race car track shown. Ken has been asked to build a fence around the outside of the track. About how much fencing will Ken need?
    7536 feet
    1884 feet
    3768 feet
    1200 feet
  • Q6
    Triangle PQR is congruent to triangle STU. What is the length of side ST?
    Question Image
    37 degrees

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