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Post-Assessment about Quizalize


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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the primary purpose of Quizalize?

    Social Networking

    Video Streaming

    Online Shopping

    Educational Assessment

  • Q2

    Where can educators create and manage their quizzes on Quizalize?

    Create tab

    My Library tab

    My Classes tab

    Find Resources

  • Q3

    What does the "View Leaderboard" display during a quiz session on Quizalize?

    Student Progress in Real-Time

    Quiz Templates

    Account Settings

    Teacher Reports

  • Q4

    In Quizalize, where can you find quizzes shared by other educators?

    Find Resources tab

    My Library


    My Classes

  • Q5

    What section can you find the information from the picture?

    Question Image

    My Library

    My Classes

    Create tab

    Find Resources

  • Q6

    Which of the following is a correct interpretation of the pictograph?

    Question Image

    5 students score more than 70%.

    5 students score more than 50%.

    5 students score between 50-80%.

    5 students score more than 80%.

  • Q7

    What is the primary purpose of the "Who Needs Help" section in Quizalize?

    To identify students struggling with quizzes

    To customize quiz settings

    To access teacher resources

    To provide extra points for top-performing students

  • Q8

    What is the primary purpose of the "What They Need Help With" section in Quizalize?

    To suggest additional practice areas for students

    To customize quiz settings

    To identify top-performing students

    To access teacher resources

  • Q9

    How can teachers share quizzes with students in Quizalize?

    Via Email

    All of the Above

    By Generating a Code

    Through Social Media

  • Q10

    What is 78% from the picture?

    Question Image

    Median score of the students

    Mean Percentage Score in the formative assessment

    Percentage of the students who failed the test

    Percentage of the students who passed the test


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