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Power BI- Dynamic Y-Axis column/measure using switch Statement & Slicer | Bar Chart

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  • Q1
    What is the main purpose of using a slicer with the SWITCH statement in Power BI?
    To automate data refresh
    To add more visuals to the report
    To filter data by date
    To dynamically change the Y-axis measure in a chart
  • Q2
    Which DAX function is used to switch between different measures based on slicer selection?
  • Q3
    How does the SWITCH statement enhance interactivity in Power BI reports?
    By reducing data load time
    By increasing the number of visuals
    By creating static reports
    By allowing users to select and change measures dynamically
  • Q4
    What type of visual is used in the video to demonstrate dynamic Y-axis changes?
    Pie chart
    Line chart
    Bar chart
    Scatter plot
  • Q5
    Why is it beneficial to use dynamic measures in Power BI reports?
    It eliminates the need for data cleaning
    It simplifies report creation
    It allows for more flexible and user-driven data exploration
    It reduces the size of the report file
  • Q6
    What role does the slicer play in the dynamic Y-axis setup?
    It automates data refresh
    It changes the color of the visuals
    It filters data by date
    It allows users to choose which measure to display on the Y-axis
  • Q7
    Which of the following is NOT a step in setting up a dynamic Y-axis in Power BI?
    Manually updating each visual
    Adding a slicer to the report
    Formatting the data model
    Creating a calculated measure with SWITCH
  • Q8
    How can users switch between different measures in a Power BI report?
    By clicking on the visual title
    By exporting the report
    By selecting options in a slicer
    By changing the data source
  • Q9
    What is the primary benefit of using the SWITCH statement over multiple IF statements in DAX?
    It simplifies the logic and improves performance
    It adds more conditions
    It reduces the number of visuals
    It increases complexity
  • Q10
    What should be considered when designing a dynamic Y-axis report in Power BI?
    Ensuring that the slicer options are clear and relevant
    Keeping the report static
    Avoiding the use of DAX functions
    Adding as many visuals as possible

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