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Power of Words and Advocating

Quiz by Kristina Ambrose (Kristy)

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6 questions
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  • Q1

    True or false? The things people say or write can be understood differently by different people.



  • Q2

    Which of the following is NOT one of the steps of S-T-O-P?

    S: Step away.

    T: Trust everyone online.

    O: OK sites first.

    P: Pause and think online.

  • Q3

    Your friend Lila shows up looking sad. She posted a photo on the internet of her cat, Cupcake. But someone she does not know wrote "you have an ugly cat" on her photo. You see that Lila feels sad. You wish she felt better. Your reaction shows that:

    You have empathy for Lila.

    You are not paying attention.

    You want Lila to be even more sad.

    You do not care.

  • Q4

    Theo is having fun playing Dragons and Knights online. Then he sees a message from another player: "You're ruining the game, stupid! Leave!" What advice would you give Theo?

    Invite other friends to send mean messages to the player.

    Report or block the player on the game.

    Write a message back that says, "You're the one who is stupid and ruining the game."

  • Q5

    When should we tell an adult about an online interaction?

    All of the above
    When personal information is being asked.
    When someone is threatening harm
    When inappropriate pictures or words are used.
  • Q6

    How confident do you feel about knowing which things are OK to say online and which are not?

    I do not feel confident.
    I feel very confident.
    I feel somewhat confident.

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