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PPSSH Domain 4: developing Self and Others (25 items)

Quiz by Easter Borallo

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25 questions
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  • Q1

    An order of Preventive Suspension was issued by the Disciplining Authority to temporarily remove a Principal who was charged of dishonesty. What are the reasons for the issuance of the Preventive Suspension upon the respondent?

    1. Reassign the respondent in other office during the formal investigation

    2. Submit sworn statements including documentary evidences.

    3. Prevent the possibility of exerting undue influence or pressure on thewitnesses against him 4. Preclude tampering of documentary evidence on file with his office.

    3 and 4

    2 and 4

    2 and 3

    1 and 4

  • Q2

    You are the Principal of a far-flung barangay school and you observed that the teachers are not honest in the entries of their Daily Time Record. To solve this problem you introduced the use of Biometrics but there is a strong resistance from the faculty. What will you do to solve this problem?

    Forget the use of Biometrics in order to maintain a good harmonious

    Invite the Schools Division Superintendent to your school and let him talk with your teachers in order to convince them to use the Biometrics.EnterYou sent

    Issue a Memo directing the teachers to use the Biometrics for their daily attendance.

    Listen to the teachers to know the reasons why they are against Biometricsand explain to them the necessity of using it.

  • Q3

    Mr. De Leon, the principal of a central school got a report that two of his Science teachers were not talking to each other. What will he do to help solve the problem?

    Decide on the basis of what he has heard from his most trusted teachers. c. Ask for the Public Schools District Supervisor to help solve the problem.

    Find a way to talk to both the teachers and get their side.

    Issue a memorandum to the two teachers to talk to each other and forget their differences.

    Ask for the Public Schools District Supervisor to help solve the problem.

  • Q4

    which of the following situations did the teacher violate the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers under Article II (The Teacher and the State)?

    Teacher D is having an illicit relation with an old but millionaire man in their community who can provide all the money, jewelleries, house and lot in an exclusive subdivision and luxurious cars,

    Teacher A is always seen in habitual drunkenness whether inside or outside the school.

    Teacher B uses the last ten minutes during her last period in the afternoon to proselyte her students in her religious beliefs

    Teacher C is against the leadership of the current President and uses her position to influence the pupils to support the opposition leaders in overthrowing the government.

  • Q5

    he school has no gymnasium which is very useful in the conduct of various co curricular and extra-curricular activities. The PTA conducted different fund-raising activities and solicitations but the money is still insufficient. One day, a General Manager in Philip Momis Philippines, Inc. went to your office and Inquired about Adopt-A-School Program. Once your school is adopted, the company will donate large amount money that you badly need so that the construction of school gymnasium will commence right away. What will you do as the Principal?

    Tell to the General Manager that you can't decide alone on the proposal because it needs the approval from the PTA Officers.

    Have the documents be prepared for Adopt-A-School Program right away.

    Give thanks the generous offer from the company but politely say no to the proposal.

    Ask permission from the Regional Director through the Schools Division Superintendent because of the large amount of money involved in the Adopt- A-School Program.

  • Q6

    Mrs. Chong is a supplier of teacher's uniform. She has offered you ten percent rebate in every uniform purchased. What will you do as a Principal?

    Set a meeting with Mrs. Chong to increase the rebate once majority of the teachers were convinced to get their uniform from her.

    Explain to Mrs. Chong that you cannot decide for the teachers.

    Convince your teachers to get their uniform from Mrs. Chong

    Find another supplier who can offer better rebate rate.

  • Q7

    How can a principal manifest enthusiasm and pride in the nobility of the teaching profession?

    By supporting all the programs of the Brgy. Captain, Mayor and Governor

    By making solicitations to the barangay, municipal and provincial officials for school projects

    By making solicitations to the barangay, municipal and provincial officials for school projects

    By providing opportunities for teachers' professional growth b. By attending division, regional, national or international seminars

  • Q8

    Which of the following situations show that a principal is demonstrating interpersonal sensitivity?

    Mrs. Dennise made sure that all of the foods served in the seminar had a pork menu that includes Seventh-Day Adventist participants

    Mrs. Basina had an ecumenical prayer during the 1ª PTA General Assembly

    Mrs. Arlott called for a whole day meeting during a 12-hour black-out

    Mr. Cruz a joke about the sexual orientation of his teacher in a facultymeeting

  • Q9

    Which among the following principals demonstrated integrity, honesty and taimess in his dealings and transactions?

    Mrs. I neither post nor announce the vacant Teacher Il position so that interested applicants might join the ranking.

    Mr. F gave an award based on the criteria written in the memo.

    G gave the criteria for the "Search for Most Outstanding Teacher to his favorite teacher a month ahead of the other teachers

    Mrs. H adjusted the result of the Gulayan sa Paaralan Evaluation so that her best friend's school will win in the contest.

  • Q10

    Dr. Cruz is the Principal and owns a store that sells construction materials. His school needs to purchase materials for the minor repair of some classrooms. What must he do?

    Tell to the BAC members to buy from his store because he will give commission to them.

    Tell the members of the BAC not to purchase materials from his store and buy instead from others

    Tell to the BAC members to buy from his store because he sells materials at the lowest price and the savings from it will be used in other important school projects.

    Tell his to talk to the members of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) and submit Quotation Form showing the prices of the material needed for minor repair for he is prohibited under RA 9184 and RA 6713 to make direct transaction to the BAC members

  • Q11

    he Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers covers all public and private school teachers in all educational institutions institution from the preschool to secondary levels. Which of the following are the duties and responsibilities of a teacher in relation to the community?

    Every teacher shall merit reasonable social recognition for which purpose he shall behave with and dignity at all times

    Every teacher shall provide leadership and initiative to actively participate in community movements

    Every teacher shall maintain harmonious and pleasant personal and official relations with other professionals, with government officials and with the people, individually or collectively

    Every teacher shall possess and actualize a full commitment and devotion to duty.

  • Q12

    Which of the following must be observed by the teachers when dealing with his/her learners?

    Accept, directly or indirectly any remuneration from tutorials other what is authorized from such service.

    Exercise outmost professional discretion in a situation where mutual attraction and subsequent love develops between teacher and learner.

    Inflict corporal punishment on offending learners and make deductions from their scholastic ratings for acts which are clearly not manifestation of poor scholarship.

    Accept favors or from learners or their parents in exchange for requested concessions.

  • Q13

    Mr. Barrozo wants to delay the appointment papers of an applicant who is beat his son as SK Chairman in 2010 election. What was violated in this situation?


    Commitment to public interest

    Simple living

    Political neutrality

  • Q14

    of the following shows responsiveness to the public as stated under RA 6713 or Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees?

    Mr. A commits himself to the democratic way of life and values and maintains the principle of public accountability.

    Mr D leads modest lives appropriate to his position and income. He does not Indulge in extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in any form.

    Mr. C promotes the use of locally produced goods, resources and technology and encourages appreciation and pride of country and people.

    Mr. B posted Citizen's Charter in front of the office to improve efficiency in the delivery of government services to the public.

  • Q15

    The Appointing Authority gives special treatment to the rich and discriminates the poor and the underprivileged who transacts business in his office. He gives favor to his relatives especially when it comes to money matters. What did he violate?

    to public interest


    Simple living

    Justness and sincerity


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