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  • Q1

    Which best describes qualitative questionnaire?

    Its questions require a limited answer.

    It uses a list of answers to choose from.

    It uses close-ended questions only.

    It uses open-ended questions.

  • Q2

    Which of the following is NOT a strength of a qualitative questionnaire?

    Allow comparisons.

    Time consuming.

    Reach a large number of respondents.

    Represent a larger population.

  • Q3

    Which is a strength of an unstructured interview?

    The interviewer can ask supplementary questions for clarification.

    The interviewer can pick his/her own questions and has a control over the type of information they receive.

    There is a set list of questions and the respondents answer in their own words.

    the interview follows a topic guide which serves as the checklist to ensure that the same questions are asked to the respondents.

  • Q4

    What should you do to avoid wasting time, energy and effort in observing?

    Use both direct and indirect observation.

    Collect data from varied sources.

    Observe every detail on action and behavior.

    Stick to the questions that answer the objectives of the research.

  • Q5

    If you are to conduct a case study, which data gathering instrument should you use?



    Participant observation

    Artifact Collection


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