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40 questions
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  • Q1

    What research design aims to determine a cause from already existing effects?


    Quasi-Experimental Research

    Correlational Research Design

    Descriptive Research Design

    Ex Post Facto

  • Q2

    What research design is often conducted in a controlled setting with corresponding research treatment?


    Survey Research

    Ex post facto 



  • Q3

    What is the suited research design for this research title, “The Effects of Twitter on the Communication Etiquette of Students”?




    Ex postfacto


  • Q4

    Mr. Mario would like to know further the type of social media used between the male and female SHS students of ABC National HighSchool. What is the appropriate research design to be used in his study?






  • Q5

    What is the difference between quasi-experimental research and experimental research?

    Only one dependent variable is used in quasi-experimental research, while multiple dependent variables can be used in quasi-experimental research.

    Participants for groups are randomly selected in experimental, but not quasi-experimental research.

    Intact groups are used in experimental, while quasi-experimental randomly assigned individuals into groups.

    The researcher controls the intervention in the experimental group, but not quasi-experimental research.

  • Q6

    What sampling technique is used when the researcher would like to consider giving an equal chance to the member of the accessible population being selected as part of the study?


    Stratified Sampling

    Cluster Sampling

    Systematic Sampling     

    Simple Random Sampling   

  • Q7

    When can we consider a research sample as the “best”?


    representative of the population 

    systematically chosen

    conveniently represented   

    purposely selected

  • Q8

    What is the main objective of using stratified random sampling?


    the sample was chosen proportionately drawn from the different categories of the population

    every individual will be given an equal chance to be selected

    those who will possibly respond to treatment are chosen

    the sample is taken from an accessible population than the target population

  • Q9

    What is the sampling method used in the given situation?

                    TeacherJoan wants to know if the new learning modalities of the school affect the academic performance of students in the science curriculum. He took the list of students and selected every 8th name in each class list as a participant.


    Simple Random Sampling

    Cluster Sampling

    Stratified Random Sampling

    Systematic Random Sampling

  • Q10

    What is the type of validity when an instrument produces results similar to those of another instrument that will be employed in the future?


    Criterion Validity

    Predictive Validity   


    Face Validity

  • Q11

    What is the type of reliability when measured by administering two tests identical in all aspects except the actual wording of items?


    Test-retest reliability

    Internal Consistency Reliability   

    Inter-rater Reliability

    Equivalent Forms Reliability 

  • Q12

    The Ability Test has been proven to predict the writing skills of Senior High School students. What type of test validity is shown in the example?


    Face Validity

    Construct Validity  

    Content Validity 


  • Q13

    What commonscaling technique consists of several declarative statements that express a viewpoint on a topic?


    Likert Scale


    Completion Type

    Semantic Differential Scale

  • Q14

    What statisticaltechnique purposes to test the relationship between two continuous variables?


    Chi Square Test   

    T-Test for independent samples

    T-Test for two dependent samples 

    Pearson’s r

  • Q15

    What statisticaltechnique should be used for this research question, “Is there a significant difference between the pretest and posttest scores of learners in reading comprehension test?”


    Chi Square Test  

    T-Test for two dependent samples 

    Pearson’s r

    T-Test for independent samples


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