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9 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of these best describes the field of engineering?

    It is the use of science and math to solve problems.

    It is an area of study that relates to space exploration.

    It is an area of study that relates to nonliving materials.

    It is a tool or process designed to solve a problem.

  • Q2

    In the past, many people stored computer data on floppy disks. Eventually, people began to use compact discs with greater storage capacity. Which of these best describes this situation?

     technology being used to create a new need or want

    technology leading to a less useful means of storage

    technology being used to develop the designed world

     technology leading to the development of new technology

  • Q3

    Which statement is the best example of society influencing technology?

    The invention of the radio helped pave the way for the invention of the television.

    The invention of the automobile helped people who wanted to live farther from where they worked and shopped.

    The invention of the telescope allowed people to discover new planets and stars far from Earth.

    The invention of sign language helped people who could not hear or speak and had limited ways to communicate.

  • Q4

    The social need to have living space, offices, and stores located in a downtown area led to technologies for constructing very tall buildings. Which of these needs most likely came about because of the new building technologies?

    the need for new communications technology

     the need for technology to develop elevators

    the need for technology to develop better lighting

    the need for better street-paving materials

  • Q5

    Household waste and trash is a problem that is addressed by many groups of people. Which group of people would most likely be responsible for answering the question “How can we build a system to recycle glass more efficiently?”



     community leaders


  • Q6

    Which of these is an example of technology helping a scientist?

    A scientist measures the mass of a chemical on a digital scale.

    A scientist performs an experiment in a laboratory setting.

    A scientist discusses a theory with different colleagues.

     A scientist determines whether to investigate a volcanic eruption.

  • Q7

    What does this image best represent?

     the mechanical world

     the scientific world

    the designed world

    the natural world

  • Q8

    How are a toothbrush and an automobile alike?

    they both are made from the same materials

    they are both always run on electricity

    they have nothing in common

    they both have been developed to make life easier 

  • Q9

    Describe an example of how a particular technology has led to a new technology.

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