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  • Q1

    Why Earth is called “the living planet?” 

    It sustains life.     

     All of the above 

    It has atmosphere

     It has water at the surface

  • Q2

    Which among the set of planets are called terrestrial? 

    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune 

    Earth, Venus, Mars, Jupiter 

    Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus

    Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth   

  • Q3

    What makes the planet Earth habitable compared to other planets?

    It has liquid water.

    It has soil.

    It has trees. 

    It has people. 

  • Q4

    What makes planet Earth habitable? 

    The atmosphere holds carbon dioxide and other gases.   

    All of the above 

    It has comfortable distance from the sun.   

    It has atmosphere that protects from radiation. 

  • Q5

    Why Earth is called a terrestrial planet?

    It is placed at almost the middle planets  

    It is farther from the sun

    It has life   

    It is closest to the sun

  • Q6

    Which of the following best describes the surface of the planet Earth?     

    a thick layer of hydrogen gas 

    cloudy and hot with lots of volcano 

    cold, rocky, and covered with red dust 

    mostly water surface with some areas of land 

  • Q7

    For many, Earth is different from other planets. Why do you think so?

    Earth has carbon dioxide on its atmosphere. 

    It has approximately same size as that of Venus.  

    Earth is mostly covered in water.

    Earth has comfortable distance from the sun.  

  • Q8

     Which statements best define planet Earth? 

    It supports life. 

    It has rocky core.

    It has gases.  

    It supports other planet. 

  • Q9

    It was found out that Earth’s surface is covered with water. Approximately, how many percent of water comprises the Earth?


    70% water 

    60% water

    50% water  

  • Q10

    1.     Earth can support the survival of organisms. What is/are the factor/s that make/s Earth habitable? 

    I.     atmosphere                                                 III. temperature 

    II.   energy                                                              IV. nutrient

    I, II, III    


    I, II    

    I, II, III, IV 

  • Q11

    In order for an organism to survive, nutrients are needed. What are the nutrients that planet Earth can offer for an organism to exist?

    Earth has both water cycle and nitrogen cycle.  

    Earth has an atmosphere and ozone layer.

    All of the above 

    Earth has natural activities to circulate nutrients. 

  • Q12

    Many studies have shown similarities of Earth and Venus. What makes Earth similar with Venus? 

    Earth and Venus are of the right size to hold a sufficient atmosphere. 

    Earth and Venus have the same orbit. 

    Earth and Venus have the same diameter. 

    Earth and Venus have the same atmosphere. 

  • Q13

    Represented by chemical formula  

    Crystalline Structure

    Homogenous Solid

    Naturally Occurring

    Chemical composition

  • Q14

    It is a product of Earth’s natural processes. 

    Chemical composition

    Naturally Occurring

     Homogenous Solid

    Crystalline Structure

  • Q15

    It must be product of Earth’s physical processes

    Crystalline Structure

    Naturally Occurring

    Chemical composition

    Homogenous Solid


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