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Practice Test in PERDEV

Quiz by Maria Dianna Pearl Orate

Grade 11-12
Personal Development
Philippines Curriculum: SHS Core Subjects (MELC)

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25 questions
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  • Q1

    What would be the effect if the caregivers would provide reliability, care and affection to the child during infancy?

    Independence would be enhanced.

     Autonomy would develop.

    There will be an assertion of control

     Sense of trust would develop.

  • Q2

    What would be the future effects of implementing constructive games to pre-schoolers?

    The child’s perception of oneself is weak.

    There will be association between right and wrong.

    Sense of identity will be developed.

    There will be an assertion of power over the environment.

  • Q3

    During adolescence, what would be the effect if the child fails to stay true to oneself?

     The libido is reawakened.

     The child stays immature

    He would develop a weak sense of self

    He would develop emotional problems which might lead to mental disorder.

  • Q4

    Predict what would happen if the child has successfully achieved autonomy.

     The child develops a sense of pride.

     The child feels competent.

    The child feels secured and confident.

    The child achieves ego quality.

  • Q5

    What would happen if parents and teachers encourage and commend children during school age?

    Children would develop sense of identity.

    Children would develop a feeling of competence.

    Children would assert control over the environment.

    Children would develop sense of worth.

  • Q6

    What would happen if the child is consistently punished for a bad behaviour?

     Ego-ideal would develop.

    Self-esteem is enhanced.

     Problems with low confidence arise.

    The child would acquire conscience.

  • Q7

    What would happen if the child is rewarded for good behaviour?

     Narcissistic behaviour is developed.

    The behaviour becomes part of psychic energy.

    Low self-confidence is developed.

    Self-confidence is enhanced.

  • Q8

    Which of the following is TRUE about growth?

    A. Growth slows down at neonatal period.

    It is an increase in the complexity of function and skill progression.

    It generally takes place during the first 20 years of life.

    Growth speed up to its peak during childhood.

  • Q9

    All of the following are true about development. EXCEPT;

    It is the capacity and skill of a person to adapt.

    It is the behavioural aspect of an individual.

    It continues after the age of 20.

    It can be measured quantitatively.

  • Q10

    Which of the following is the task developed by infant and toddlers according to Havinghurst?

     Learning to get along with age mates.

    Developing concepts necessary for everyday living.

    Learning physical skills necessary for games

    Learning to relate emotionally to parents, siblings, and other people.

  • Q11

    All of the following are significant characteristics of a toddler, EXCEPT;

    Psychological skill increase.

    Physical growth is rapid and abrupt.

    Motor development permits increased physical autonomy.

    New experiences are tried during play.

  • Q12

    Which of the following is a concept of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT?

    Growth and development continues even after the age of 20.

    Growth and development does not have connection at all. 

    Growth and development are independent, interrelated process.

    Growth and development are indicate with height, weight, bone size and dentition.

  • Q13

    What aspect of development describes your height, weight, facial appearance, and quality of skin, hair and body areas such as your neck, chest, waist, and legs?

    Sensual Self 

    Emotional Self

    Physical Self

     Interactional Self

  • Q14

    The following are causes of stress, EXCEPT





  • Q15

    What stress signal pertains to Physical Health?




    Mood of changes  


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