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PRE TEST- Module 1: Prepare and Request Electrical Materials and Tools

Quiz by Patricia Cabaddu

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  • Q1

    Another electrical tool which is primarily used to cut electrical conduits.



    Diagonal Cutting

    Wire stripper

  • Q2

    A type of screwdriver that is made up of short handle and shank/shaft which is designed to be used for tight spaces.

    Stubby screwdriver

    Standard screwdriver

    Philips screwdriver

    Allen screwdriver

  • Q3

    A form used to request for tools and equipment needed to be used in a particular job.

    Inventory form

    Borrower’s form

    Purchase requisition form

    Job order form

  • Q4

    A type of lamp holder wherein the wirings are not exposed/ not visible or embedded in the ceiling.

    Weatherproof type

    Surface type

    Hanging type

    Flush type

  • Q5

    It serves as the passage of the electrical wires which can be made of metals or plastics, also known as electrical pipes.

    Electrical conduit

    Electrical insulator

    Electrical clamp

    Electrical conductor


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