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Quiz by Elizabeth Stanley

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Brenda knew that the struggles of today were going to lead to rewards tomorrow. "Hard work and hardship can only lead to good things" she thought. What is the tone of this excerpt?
  • Q2
    Maria stood by the door as the guests arrived for her party. She sneered a bit, noting one woman's dress was rather informal. She sniffed and turned away to avoid looking at another guest and thought, "Why would anyone wear that?" Maria knew that there were few people in town who were as wealthy as she, but she was still disappointed. Which word best describes the tone of the this passage?
  • Q3
    It can't be a coincidence that two days after the money disappeared from the charity collection jar, Bobby started showing up at school with expensive new things. For example, he had a brand new pair of shoes that cost at least $200. Where did he get $200? A week ago he had to borrow a dollar from Diane to get a soda at the convenience store. Which word best describes the tone of this passage?
  • Q4
    Cobwebs dripped from every corner, and the furniture had seen better days. When Amanda sat down, she was disgusted by a cloud of dust that puffed up around her. Nothing in the room was anything but old, including their host, Mrs. Nelson. What is the mood of this passage?
  • Q5
    As the mourners filed into the room, the silence was often broken by the sound of a muffled cry, a sniffle, and even one or two people who were openly sobbing. The officiate walked to the front of the room and paused before beginning his remarks, as there were many people struggling to stop their tears. What is the mood of this passage?
  • Q6
    A warm fire crackled in the fireplace, and the chairs gathered around it were plush and oversized. A deep, luxurious carpet greeted cold toes with a comforting embrace, while the huge pillows strewn about the floor suggested it would be okay to stretch out for a while to warm up. Which word best describes the mood of the passage?

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