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Pre-assessment Activity

Quiz by Jimierose Madelo

Grade 4
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following is a general statement?

    White and blue orchids hang from branches of a tree.

    The flowers in the garden are blooming now.

    Potted red roses are neatly arranged in a corner.

    Sunflowers greet the visitors at the garden's entrance.

  • Q2

    Which one is NOT a specific statement?

    Rica got a pencil case.

    Andrew has a ruler and a box of crayons.

    The teacher bought school supplies for her pupils.

    Lino received ballpens and pad paper.

  • Q3

    Ronnie shopped at the mall.

    Which specific statement below does NOT  support the given general statement?

    He watched an animated movie.

    He spent P200 for a hat.

    He chose a yellow shirt at the children's section.

    He bought a pair of shoes.

  • Q4

    What could be the specific statement for this general statement? 

    We go to the park regularly.

    Nico and I go to the park every Sunday.

    Nico and I go to the Marikina River Park regularly.

    Nico and I go to the park regularly.

    Nico  and I go to the Marikina River Park every Sunday.

  • Q5

    Identify the general statement in the paragraph.

    (1) Rolly wakes up early and makes his bed. (2) He helps his parents in the household chores. (3) He also takes care of his younger sister when his parents are at work. (4) Indeed, Rolly is a dependable boy.

    sentence 2

    sentence 1

    sentence 4

    sentence 3


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