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Quiz by Stacey Williams

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The prefix over means over or too much. What does overjoyed mean?
    to joy over something
    Choosing joy over everything else
    too much joy
    to be happy again
  • Q2
    The prefix sub means under, so what does subzero mean?
    very cold
    very low
    temperature below zero
    a Mortal Kombat character
  • Q3
    The prefix means half or partly, so what does semi-sweet mean?
    mostly sweet
    kinda sweet
    partly sweet
    half sweet and half sour
  • Q4
    The prefix de means to remove or the opposite of. What does defrost mean?
    to remove frost from
    something hot
    something cold
    the opposite of frost
  • Q5
    What is a semicircle?
    half sweet
    an incomplete circle
    half of a circle
    part of a circle
  • Q6
    What is an overachiever?
    someone who tells others what to do
    someone who achieves too much
    someone who stands over others
    someone who achieves over what others have done
  • Q7
    segregate means to separate. What does desegregate mean?
    to remove separation or put together
    to give rights to all
    to pull people apart
    to discriminate
  • Q8
    If terrain refers to the earth's surface. What does subterranean mean?
    below the clouds
    below the house
    under water
    under the earth's surface
  • Q9
    What is an underachiever?
    someone who achieves underground
    someone who does not achieve
    someone who achieves too much
    someone who does not achieve enough
  • Q10
    what does impolite mean?
    not polite
    overly polite
    polite in the middle
    too polite

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