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Quiz by Leslie Kiser

Grade 6-8
ELA - History/Social Studies
Common Core

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    Scientists call the first age in which people lived the Paleolithic (pa le uh lith’ ik) Age. What is another word for this era?
    Old Stone Age
    Middle Stone Age
    Earliest Stone Age
    New Stone Age
  • Q2
    During the Old Stone Age, how did people obtain food?
    harvesting and growing
    shopping and gardening
    growing and killing
    hunting and gathering
  • Q3
    The men of the group obtained which food for their people?
  • Q4
    Women and children gathered which foods.
    berries, nuts, fruit, and eggs out of bird and turtle nests.
    fish, meat and berries
    meats and berries
    desserts, beans and grass
  • Q5
    What two things did early people learn to make that made life easier?
    buy tools and food
    exercise and eat well
    make tools and fire
    hunt and cook
  • Q6
    Which of the following was not a way they sought shelter?
    building houses
    digging pits in the ground
    in caves
    under overhanging rock
  • Q7
    What was used as clothing to keep them warm?
    animal fat
    animal skins
    cotton cloth
    animal hair
  • Q8
    How did the early people communicate before language was invented?
    noises made by the mouth
    pointing and hand signals
    grunting and sign language
  • Q9
    What are the two types of Homo Sapiens
    Cro-Magnon and Cave Men
    Neanderthal and Cave Men
    Human and Neanderthal
    Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon
  • Q10
    Neanderthals were the first people to do what?
    make tools
    bury their dead
    make tools
    build homes
  • Q11
    What tool did the Cro-Magnon people invent?
    the club
    the knife
    the axe
    the hammer
  • Q12
    What did Cro-Magnons believe about animals?
    they were great food
    they came back to life
    they were good luck
    they had spirits
  • Q13
    Neolithic means?
    Middle Stone Age
    New Stone Age
    Old Stone Age
    Earliest Stone Age
  • Q14
    What were two discoveries during the Neolithic Age?
    fire and tools
    growing food and herding animals
    farming and harvesting
    skinning animals and boiling food
  • Q15
    Neolithic villagers learned to make pottery, weave on looms, and what else?
    use tools
    work with metals
    work with cotton
    cook food

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