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Prepare 3 Vocabulary U-13

Quiz by Adriana Cardenas Quezada

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Be prepared to _______________________________ and tell a tale or two.
    camp under the stars
  • Q2
    Many homes and buildings were washed out to sea as a result of the storm and many people had ______________________________ to escape the floodwaters.
    to climb trees
  • Q3
    In this specific case, two boys from a nearby city decided to __________________________________.
    to explore a cave
  • Q4
    He may not _____________ ________________ the ________________ without a license, ignores their warnings and paddles downriver until he eventually arrives in Mexico.
    kayak down the/a river
  • Q5
    Back in the 19th century, lots and lots of people came here to ____________ ______ _____________.
    look for fossils
  • Q6
    For almost a month the woman with her twelve children went out almost every day to _____________________________________ in order to sell it.
    to pick wild fruit
  • Q7
    Children can ______________________________, go tobogganing and try the carousel.
    play in the snow
  • Q8
    For 18 consecutive weeks, his _____________ings of _______________________s were the best-selling album in Brazil.
    record birdsong
  • Q9
    A receiver with a directional antenna used to ______________________________________________________ which have been tagged with a transmitter, for wildlife management purposes.
    track wild animals
  • Q10
    The Snowdon Mountain Railway is within 100 metres, and you can ___________________________________________, canoeing or pony trekking in the local area.
    try rock climbing

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