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Preparing Payroll

Quiz by Julie

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32 questions
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  • Q1
    A qualified retirement plan that provides most individuals with a deferred federal income tax benefit.
    401 K
    Qualified Retirement plan
    Individual Retirement Plan (IRA)
    Roth Individual Retirement plan
  • Q2
    Paying an employee using electronic funds transfer is called
    direct deposit.
    individual retirement account.
    electronic funds transfer system.
    net pay.
  • Q3
    A method of paying an employee based on the amount of sales the employee generates.
    hourly pay
    piece pay
    incentive pay
  • Q4
    A federal tax paid for old age, survivors and disability insurance.
    Qualified Retirement Plan Tax
    Social Security Tax
    Tax Base
    Medicare Tax
  • Q5
    A qualified retirement plan sponsored by an employer.
  • Q6
    A deduction from total earnings for each person legally supported by a taxpayer, including the employee.
    None of these.
    Withholding allowance.
    Social Security Withholding.
    Withholding base.
  • Q7
    The maximum amount of gross earnings on which a tax is calculated.
    Total Earnings.
    Tax Base.
  • Q8
    A retirement plan approved by the Internal Revenue Service is
    401 (b)
    401 (k)
    qualified retirement plan.
    Roth individual retirement account.
  • Q9
    A computerized cash payments system that transfers funds without the use of checks, currency or other paper documents.
    None of these.
    Electronic Funds Transfer
    Direct Deposit
    Net Pay
  • Q10
    The total earnings paid to an employee after payroll taxes and other deductions.
    Gross Pay.
    Total Earnings.
    Net Pay.
  • Q11
    A qualified retirement plan that allows tax-free withdrawals from the account.
    Qualified Retirement Plan.
    401 K
    Roth Individual Retirement Account.
    Individual Retirement Plan.
  • Q12
    A federal tax paid for hospital insurance.
    Medicare Tax.
    Medical Insurance Tax.
    Federal Medical Tax.
    Medicaid Tax.
  • Q13
    Payroll records are used to
    to prepare payroll reports for the government.
    all of these.
    to determine when the tax base has been met.
    inform employees of their annual earnings
  • Q14
    Qualified retirement plans are approved by
    a company act.
    the Federal government.
    an act of Senate.
    an act of Congress.
  • Q15
    Total earnings are sometimes referred to as
    take-home pay.
    net pay.
    gross pay.
    disposable earnings.

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