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Prescriptive Analytics: TSP and Subtour Elimination Constraints

Quiz by Dipti Pisharodi

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the primary goal of the Traveling Salesman Problem?

    To visit as many cities as possible

    To find the longest possible route

    To maximize the number of sales

    To minimize the total travel distance

  • Q2

    How many possible paths are there in the TSP for "n" cities?





  • Q3

    Which of the following is a real-world application of TSP?

    Route planning for delivery services

    Scheduling flights for pilots

    Route planning for delivery services AND Deciding the order of songs in a concert

    Deciding the order of songs in a concert

  • Q4

    Why are Subtour Elimination Constraints used in TSP?

    To ensure the sales target is met

    To prevent the formation of smaller loops within the solution

    To reduce the complexity of the problem

    To increase the number of possible routes

  • Q5

    What is a potential downside of using TSP and Subtour Elimination Constraints for large datasets?

    It is computationally intensive

    It requires physical travel to implement

    It is less secure than other methods

    It only provides approximate solutions


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