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Present Continuous Tense

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  • Q1

    What is another name for Present Continuous Tense?

    Past Progressive Tense

    Present Perfect Tense

    Present Simple Tense

    Present Progressive Tense

  • Q2

    What is the verb ending for the Present Continuous Tense?





  • Q3

    In which situations do we use the expressions of Present Continuous Tense?

    When an action is happening in 2 years.

    When an action is happening now at the moment. 

    When an action is not happening. 

    When an action has happened yesterday.

  • Q4

    Which one of the sentences are in Present Continuous Tense?

    We ate pizza in the morning. 

    They went home today.

    My mother loves cooking. 

    We are eating food.

  • Q5

    I am tired, my legs (shake) ______________________.

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