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Present Contiuous Tense

Quiz by Azza Bushara

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    Use the present continuous form of the verb in brackets. Use contractions where possible. You (use) my mobile phone!
    You are using my mobile phone!
  • Q2
    My dad (wash) his car
    My dad is washing his car.
  • Q3
    It (not rain) today.
    It is not raining today.
  • Q4
    Who (she / chat) to now?
    Who is she chatting to now?
  • Q5
    What (you / do) at the moment?
    What are you doing at the moment?
  • Q6
    We (sit) on the train.
    We are sitting on the train.
  • Q7
    The students (have) lunch in the canteen.
    The students are having lunch in the canteen.
  • Q8
    'Are you making dinner? ' 'Yes, I . '
    'Are you making dinner? ' 'Yes, I am . '
  • Q9
    (he / walk to school now).
    He's walking to school now.
  • Q10
    (we / cook)
    We're cooking.
  • Q11
    (she / play the guitar)
    She is playing the guitar.
  • Q12
    (she / not / drink tea now)
    She isn't drinking tea now.
  • Q13
    (I / not / meet my father at four)
    I'm not meeting my father at four.
  • Q14
    (they / live in London)
    They are living in London.
  • Q15
    (they / not / leave now).
    They aren't leaving now.

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