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Present Perfect Continuous

Quiz by Hanna Klemm

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the form of Present Perfect Continuous?
    have/has + ing
    have/ has + be+ing
    have/has + been + ing
  • Q2
    Present Perfect Continuous expresses
    finished action in the past
    an action that continues up to now
    an action in the future
  • Q3
    Present Perfect Continuous expresses
    a continuous action in the past
    a past continuous action with the result in the present
    a finished action in the present
  • Q4
    Present Perfect Continuous expresses
    how long an action is in progress
    when an action started
    when an action finished
  • Q5
    How do we form questions?
    Have/has + person +been + ing
    have/has + been + person +ing
    have/has + been+ ing+ person
  • Q6
    What's the negative form of Present Perfect Continuous?
    have/has + been+not + ing
    not + have/has + been+ ing
    haven't /hasn't been + ing
  • Q7
    I have been doing judo ........ 3 years.
  • Q8
    .......................................for me long?
    Have you be waiting
    Has you been waiting
    Have you been waiting
  • Q9
    I....................................this book since last month.
    have been reading
    has been reading
    have read
  • Q10
    It smells so nice here.
    My mum have been baking an apple pie.
    My mum has baking an apple pie.
    My mum has been baking an apple pie.

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