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Quiz by Sunisha Nair

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    The Present Perfect Continuous says ...
    when the action started.
    how often the action happens.
    when the action finished.
    how long the action was in progress.
  • Q2
    The formula of the Present Perfect Continuous is...
    have/has been + past participle
    have/has been + V-ing
    have been + V-ing
    have been + Ved
  • Q3
    It ______ since this morning. It's terrible!
    has being raining
    has been rained
    has been raining
    has rained
  • Q4
    These women ______ songs since morning without getting tired.
    have been singing
    have sung
    has been sung
    has been singing
  • Q5
    The girl ______ her lessons for a long time.
    has learnt
    has been learnt
    has been learning
    has being learning
  • Q6
    Select the correct sentence.
    I failed the test because I have been not studying hard.
    I failed the test because I has not been studying hard.
    I failed the test because I have not been studying hard.
    I failed the test because I have been not studying hard.
  • Q7
    We ___________________for two hours.
    have been driving
    have driving
    have been drive
    has been driving
  • Q8
    We have been watching TV _____ we had dinner.
  • Q9
    Kevin has been studying for the exam for two hours.
    Kevin doesn't pay any attention because he studies on his own.
    Kevin started studying two hours ago and has not finished studying.
    Kevin has not studied yet.
    Kevin has studied before.
  • Q10
    I have been working for the company since 2003.
    I work for the company from time to time.
    I started working for the company in the past but I was fired.
    The company was founded in 2003 and I started working later.
    I started working for the company in the past and I still do.
  • Q11
    We ______ the same songs for years.
    have playing
    have been playing
    have played
    have been played
  • Q12
    Vanessa ______in Barcelona since she was a child.
    has been living
    have been living
    has lived
    have lived
  • Q13
    Summer and Ethan ______ for three months.
    has been dating
    have dated
    have been dating
    has dated
  • Q14
    I ______ for a car for a very long time.
    have looked
    have been looking
    have looking
    have been looked

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