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Quiz by Elena

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    _______ you ever _________ (be) to a pop concert?
    Has, been
    Have, being
    Have, been
    Has, be
  • Q2
    I ___________________ (eat) American food. (Negative sentence)
    haven´t eat
    haven´t eaten
    hasn´t eaten
    hasn´t eat
  • Q3
    ________ María _________ (play) volleyball?
    Has, play
    Has, played
    Have, play
    Have, played
  • Q4
    Lucas __________________ in a choir, this is his first time.
    hasn´t sung
    has sung
    has sang
    hasn´t sang
  • Q5
    _______ you ever ________ a tiger?
    Have, saw
    Have, seen
    Have, see
    Have, seing
  • Q6
    My parents ________________ a letter.
    have written
    has written
    has wrote
    have wrote
  • Q7
    Hugo and Unai don´t know how to use the camera because they _______ never __________ a photo.
    haven´t took
    hasn´t taken
    hasn´t took
    have taken
  • Q8
    __________ we ever __________ uniform?
    Have, wear
    Have, weared
    Have, wore
    Have, worn
  • Q9
    ___________ you ever ______ (swim) ? Yes, I ___________ .
    Have, swum. Have
    Has, swum. Hasn´t.
    Have, swim. Haven´t
    Has, swam. Has

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