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Present perfect vs present perfect continuous

Quiz by Rana Shadid

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39 questions
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  • Q1
    I ______________ (work) at the same company since I left college.
    have been working
  • Q2
    The price of oil ______________ (fall) for several months.
    has been falling
  • Q3
    How long _________ your friend _____________ study ebglish
    has been studying
  • Q4
    We ____________ (not/make) any process in our health project.
    haven't been making
  • Q5
    ______________ the development agencies ________ a new program?
    have been planning
  • Q6
    the company ______________ (not/do) very well.
    hasn't been doing well
  • Q7
    I ________________ (visit) ten countries in the last 3 months.
    have visited
  • Q8
    Is there a problem with the email? Your boss _____________ (try) to contact you.
    has been trying
  • Q9
    The customer ______________ (reply) to our email.
    hasn't replied
  • Q10
    Many of the women in the study _____________ (have) at least three children.
    have had
  • Q11
    I'm afraid we _______________ (not/finish) the report.
    haven't finished
  • Q12
    _________ you ______________ (listen) to me? This is important.
    Have been listening
  • Q13
    The new director ____________ (run) several successful compnaies in her career.
    has run
  • Q14
    Sorry I'm late! I _____________ (have) lunch with an old friend.
    have been having
  • Q15
    _______________ the proposal from the design department _____________ (arrive)?
    has arrived

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