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Present simple negative (Basic English Grammar p29)

Quiz by Gerry Lawson

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    I ____________ this movie.
    doesn't understand
    no understand
    don't understand
    not understand
  • Q2
    Jackson ______________ how to cook.
    don't know
    doesnt know
    not know
    doesn't know
  • Q3
    My aunt and uncle _____________ any children.
    don't have
    doesn't have
    not have
    don't has
  • Q4
    Martin _____________ Chinese.
    doesnt speak
    don't speak
    doesn't speak
    dont speak
  • Q5
    We _______________ in Europe.
    don't live
    doesn't lives
    doesn't live
    don't lives
  • Q6
    My sister _________ happy.
    doesn't be
    does not be
  • Q7
    Carla ___________ early.
    doesn't wakes ups
    don't wake up
    doesn't wake up
    doesn't wake ups
  • Q8
    Bill and Diane ___________ to the dentist often.
    not go
    don't go
    don't goes
    doesn't go
  • Q9
    You _________ every day.
    don't studie
    don't study
    doesn't studie
    isn't study
  • Q10
    My son ____________ TV.
    doesn't watch
    isn't watches
    doesn't watches
    isn't watch
  • Q11
    They ___________ that's a good idea.
    isn't think
    don't think
    don't thinks
    not think
  • Q12
    My boyfriend and I _________; we take the bus.
    doesn't drive
    doesn't drives
    not drive
    don't drive

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