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Present Tenses Topic of Internships

Quiz by Eugene McManus

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Every summer, Lucas [work] as a camp counsellor. He [work] with kids since 2020!
    works / has worked
    is working / has been working
    works / has been working
  • Q2
    Right now, Marie [look] for an internship with a non-profit organisation. She [send] out applications all week!
    looks / has sent
    is looking / has been sending
    looked / sent
  • Q3
    My internship supervisor [seem] really happy with my progress. I [learn] a lot this semester!
    has seemed / have learned
    is seeming / am learning
    seems / learned
  • Q4
    Usually, I [commute] to the office by bike, but today it is [rain]! I guess I will take the bus.
    am commuting / is raining
    commute / has been pouring
    commute / rains
  • Q5
    [Have] you ever [complete] an internship abroad? It can be a great experience!
    Are you having / completing
    Have / completed
    Do / complete
  • Q6
    I [not know] yet what kind of internship I [want] to do next summer. Maybe marketing?
    don't know / want
    am not knowing / am wanting
    don't knowing / want
  • Q7
    This company [develop] a new software program. My job is to [test] it for bugs.
    develops / testing
    is developing / test
    has developed / to test
  • Q8
    The deadline for applications is next week. I [need] to finish my CV by then!
    am needing
  • Q9
    The manager [talk] to the new interns all morning since 9am. He [explain] to them their duties.
    talks / explains
    has been talking / is explaining
    is talking / explain
  • Q10
    Julia [work] at a charity shop for the past 6 months. She [love] it!
    has been working / loves
    works / loves
    has been working / loved
  • Q11
    [you/enjoy] your internship so far?
    Do you enjoy
    Are you enjoying
    Have you enjoyed
  • Q12
    I [not/decide] which department to apply to for my internship yet.
    haven't decided
    didn't decide
    don't decide
  • Q13
    He [work] as an intern at this company for three months now.
    is working
    has been working
  • Q14
    The students [not/finish] their internships yet. I Think they [finish] at the end of April.
    didn't finish / finish
    haven't finished / finish
    don't finish / have finished
  • Q15
    I [learn] a lot since I [start] my internship.
    have learned / started
    have been learning / started
    learn / start

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