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Presentation 101

Quiz by Felix Baden-Powell

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    What questions do I need to ask myself before I design my PPT?
    What is my purpose?
    How can I finish this quickly?
    What am I interested in?
    What pictures might be nice?
  • Q2
    How do you decide what text to keep in your slide and what text to remove?
    Write as much as possible to support your presentation
    Making sure you only have three points
    Make sure your point is relevant
    You do not need to think about this
  • Q3
    What should you not include on your first slide?
    Unrelated pictures
  • Q4
    Who or what should an audience pay attention to?
    Your presentation
    Your teacher
  • Q5
    Why should you include an outline in your presentation?
    To fill up your presentation
    Teacher says so
    To guide your audience
    To make your presentation longer
  • Q6
    Why is it important to design your PowerPoint well?
    Because my teacher said so
    To help your audience to understand your message
    design is cool
    It's nice for it to look pretty
  • Q7
    In what order should you structure your presentation?
    Reasons - main idea - conclusion
    Main idea - reasons - conclusion
    Reasons - main idea
    Main idea - conclusion - reasons
  • Q8
    Why is it important to make your final slide memorable?
    The audience will remember the last thing you say best
    The middle is important too
    It is not. Every slide should be memorable.
    You should say 'thank you'
  • Q9
    Why should you keep eye contact with an audience?
    So that you do not read off your slides
    Mr Felix says so
    It is polite to look at your audience
    This builds connections between speaker and audience
  • Q10
    Why is it important to find out the length of your talk?
    It is embarrassing to talk for too long
    Because it is polite
    So that you time yourself well
    Because long talks are boring
  • Q11
    Why is body language important?
    Non-verbal language is just as important as spoken language
    It is important because you have to look confident
    It is important because the audience might not be listening to what you are saying
    It is important because it is polite
  • Q12
    What is nice about this slide?
    Question Image
    I know what they mean!
    Interesting pictures, white space and no words
    It has anime and anime is fun
    WeChat is great!
  • Q13
    What is wrong with this slide?
    Question Image
    It's black and blue
    I don't understand the paragraph
    Hard to read; lots of words; no pictures
    My teacher does not like black background
  • Q14
    How can you debate well?
    Find your opponent's weakness
    Shout louder than your opponent
    Don't listen to the other side, it's all about winning
    Communicate your message clearly

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