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Quiz by Alma Morillo

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  • Q1

    What do you call the visual representation of data that is used to show how all the parts of something are related to the whole?

    A. pie chart

    C.  line graph
    B.  bar graph 
    D. histogram
  • Q2

    A bar graph that shows the frequency data occur within a certain interval and there are no gaps between adjacent bars. 

    D. Ogive

    A.pie chart  


    C. line graph

  • Q3

    What is the difference of the time spent playing on Day 5 and Day 2?

    Question Image

    C. 30


    D. 60

    B. 20

  • Q4

    Last month, the amount of electricity used in Mrs. Cruz Restaurant was 2,700 kwh (kilowatt-hours). What appropriate graph must be used to show the percentage of the amount used by different appliances in her restaurant. 

    B. line graph

    C. pie graph

    A. bar graph

    D. histogram

  • Q5

    Which is the appropriate type of graph to show the kilograms of garbage and kilograms of recycling produced by four different schools? 

    C. line graph

    B. pictograph 

    A. circle graph 

    D. bar graph


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