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Presidential vs radical reconstruciton

Quiz by Kyle Meoli

Grade 8
Social Studies (2017)
New York State Learning Standards

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3 questions
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  • Q1
    Which statement most accurately describes the goal of Presidential Reconstruction.
    Granting equal rights and protections to former slaves
    Implementing strict policies to ensure Southern compliance with federal laws
    Offering lenient terms for readmission to the Union for Southern states
    Redistributing land and wealth to address economic disparities
  • Q2
    Which amendment to the United States Constitution, passed during the Reconstruction era, granted African Americans the right to vote?
    14th Amendment
    13th Amendment
    12th Amendment
    15th Amendment
  • Q3
    Which of the following statements accurately describes the approach of Presidential Reconstruction?
    It aimed to restrict the power of the federal government and grant amnesty to former Confederate leaders.
    It sought to quickly reintegrate Southern states into the Union with lenient terms.
    It aimed to secure civil rights for African Americans and ensure their political participation.
    It prioritized land redistribution to address economic disparities in the South.

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