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Pre-Test: Electing Our Officials

Quiz by Amy Foy

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21 questions
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  • Q1
    To vote in Virginia, you must -
    join a political action committee
    join a political party
    take a loyalty test
  • Q2
    All of the following are qualifications to register to vote in Virginia EXCEPT -
    U.S. citizen
    18 years of age
    state resident
  • Q3
    A person can register to vote
    by absentee ballot
    over the phone
    in person the day of the election
    in person at the Department of Motor Vehciles (DMV)
  • Q4
    Registration closes
    29 days before the election
    30 days before the election
    22 days before the election
    7 days before the election
  • Q5
    Which statement is TRUE?
    People with lower incomes vote more than people with higher incomes
    People vote more for the governor than for the president
    People with less education vote more than people with more education
    Old citizens vote more than younger citizens
  • Q6
    A greater precentage of voters particiapte in
    presidential elections
    congressional elections
    state elections
    local elections
  • Q7
    "Holmes and Taylor to Run for Governor." What role is the newspaper playing in the election?
    Publish editorials
    Identifying candidates
    Providing a forum for voters
    Highlighting issues
  • Q8
    By broadcasting different points of view, mass media -
    seems less netural in their political coverage
    helps the public learn about varying points of view
    makes many political issues more confusing
    sheds little light on current political issues
  • Q9
    "A recent public opinion poll indicates over 90 percent of the people favored Edward Jones for President. Where do you stand?" This statement is an example of what kind of propaganda?
    Plain folks
  • Q10
    Political parties offer a way for -
    candidates to avoid raising money for campaigns
    candidates with very different views to work together
    citizens to participate in the political process
    candidates to avoid laws regarding campaign finance
  • Q11
    Political parties try to influence the government by
    proposing amendments to the Constitution
    lobbying members of Congress
    getting their memebers elected
    donating money to the opposing party's elected officials
  • Q12
    A ___ -party system characterizes the American political process?
  • Q13
    The parties differences are -
    stated in the party's platform and reflected in campaigning
    listed in the Preamble
    stated in the U.S. Constitution
    expressed in the 18th Amendment
  • Q14
    A candidate for national office often appeals to the most citizens by -
    meeting with foreign leaders
    holding moderate views
    belonging tp a third party
    leading an activist group
  • Q15
    Third parties differ from the other two main political parties because third parties -
    are often concern with one issue
    have more political experience
    have mor official members
    are older than the two main political parties

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