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Pre-Test Quesionnaire

Quiz by Noe Noe

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the Formula of Return On Investment?
    ROI= Net Profit/ Total Investment
    ROI= (Total Income-Total Expense)/ Total Investment
  • Q2
    The Sale Amount of ABC company in 2020 is 10 Million Kyats & the Cost is 7 Million Kyat, so what is the profit of the company?
    17 Million
    5 Million
    3 Million
  • Q3
    In 2nd December, ABC Company buy the Goods for 300 Million from Thilawa Port and only 270 Million have been settled off, what is the LIABILITY to be added in Balance Sheet of 1st December?
    No liability
    40 million
    30 million
  • Q4
    In 30th September, the closing stock balance is Ks 10,000/ Credit to Market is Ks 5,000/ Payable to Company is Ks 7,000, so what is the amount of that business WORKING CAPITAL?
    Ks 8,000
    Ks 22,000
    Ks 12,000
  • Q5
    The Profit in a year of ABC Company is $80,000, and in the warehouse, the Closing Stock has $1,000,000, and the Payable to Company is $360,000. What is ROI?
  • Q6
    The Cleaning Expense Payment of December of ABC Company is paid in January, thus why it is charged in January Operation Expense.
    No Effect
  • Q7
    The total Income per month of ABC Company is Ks 10,000,000, and the total investment is Ks 7,000,000, including Deposit of Ks 2,500,000. What is the PROFIT?
    Ks 3,000,000
    Ks 5,500,000
    Ks 500,000
  • Q8
    Bo Bo get the Profit of Ks 1,000,000 per month while Pa Pa earn Ks 1,500,000 Profit per month. Who earn more PROFIT?
    Pa Pa
    Bo Bo
    No One Earn Profit
  • Q9
    Bo Bo earn the Profit of Ks 1,000,000 per month and the Investment was Ks 3,000,000. Pa Pa get Ks1,500,000 Profit per month and the investment was Ks 6,000,000. Who earn more PROFIT?
    Bo Bo
    Pa Pa
    Same Profit
  • Q10
    The Sale Profit is Ks 60,000/ Other Income is Ks 15,000/ Operation Expense is Ks 55,000/ Tax is Ks 5,000/ the Investment is Ks 48,000. So, what is the ROI of that business?
  • Q11
    One of the broker bought the old house with Ks 75,000, and he renovated the house and cost for Ks 35,000. Then, he sold back the house with Ks 160,000. What is the PROFIT of that broker?
    Ks 50,000
    Ks 160,000
    Ks 120,000
  • Q12
    ABC company is going to check the performance of its branch. "A" Branch earn the Operating Profit for $499 and the Investment is $6238. "B" Branch earn the Operating Profit for $350 and the Investment is $3889. "C" Branch earn the Operating Profit for $570 and the Investment is $9500. Which branch has the Best Performance?
    "C" Branch
    "A" Branch
    "B" Branch
  • Q13
    ABC Company invest Ks 2,700,000 starting from 2020 January. The total income per month is Ks 73,000/ Salesman Salary per month is Ks 6,000/ Manager Salary per month is Ks 8,000/ Electricity & Miscellaneous Cost is Ks 5,000. In January, the office rental fees for 6 month have been prepaid for Ks 30,000. What is the Total Expense of January?
    Ks 49,000
    Ks 23,000
    Ks 19,000
  • Q14
    Total Income of ABC company is Ks 350,000 per month. The salaries of salesman is Ks 10,000/ Accountant is Ks 10,000/ Driver is Ks 10,000/ Helper is Ks 5,000 & the Fuel Expense is Ks 5,000 & the Meter Bill for 5,000. In the market, the business has the Market Credit for 50,000 and in the warehouse, the Average Stock has Ks 650,000. What is the ROI?
  • Q15
    The businessman invest his money Ks 580,000 in HR Software Company, the General Expense of that business per month is Ks 10,000 and the Profit earn is Ks 34,000 per month. What is ROI?

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