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Prevention is better than cure

Quiz by Nikolett Bakonyi

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  • Q1
    What is the main argument against relying solely on prevention?
    There are factors that contribute to illness beyond our control
    Prevention is too expensive
    Cure is a better approach
    Prevention is not effective
  • Q2
    What is the main argument for prioritizing prevention over cure?
    Prevention is a more effective and cost-efficient approach
    Cure is always successful
    Prevention is too time-consuming
    Prevention is not important
  • Q3
    What does relying solely on prevention mean?
    Not promoting healthy lifestyles
    Not detecting potential health issues early
    Not investing in research and development
    Not focusing on treating and managing existing conditions
  • Q4
    What does cure focus on?
    Detecting potential health issues early
    Preventing new conditions
    Promoting healthy lifestyles
    Treating and managing existing conditions
  • Q5
    What can investing resources in cures potentially do?
    Cause more diseases
    Save lives and reduce suffering
    Increase healthcare costs
    Worsen existing conditions
  • Q6
    What does prevention aim to do?
    Increase healthcare costs
    Promote unhealthy lifestyles
    Eliminate all illnesses and diseases
    Reduce the incidence and prevalence of diseases
  • Q7
    How can prevention reduce the burden on healthcare systems?
    By increasing healthcare costs
    By addressing potential health issues early on
    By promoting unhealthy lifestyles
    By treating existing conditions
  • Q8
    What does prevention empower individuals to do?
    Depend solely on healthcare systems
    Ignore their own health
    Take control of their own health
    Rely on cures for all health issues
  • Q9
    What is the overall conclusion about prevention and cure in healthcare?
    Prevention is more important than cure
    Neither prevention nor cure are important
    Cure is more important than prevention
    Prevention is equally important as cure
  • Q10
    What is the main argument for prioritizing prevention over cure according to the FOR perspective?
    Prevention is more expensive
    Prevention reduces the burden on healthcare systems and resources
    Cure is not effective
    Prevention cannot address root causes

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