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Princess September

Quiz by English Masters

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    What gift did the King give to each of his daughters on his birthday ?
    A white elephant
    A green parrot in a golden cage
    A red and blue parrot in a golden cage
    A sparrow in a golden cage
  • Q2
    In how many different Oriental languages could the parrots say, "God Save the King" and "Pretty Polly" ?
  • Q3
    Why was Princess September crying uncontrollably?
    Because she was angry with the queen
    Because she was hungry
    Because her sisters made fun of her
    Because her parrot died
  • Q4
    Why did the Maids of Honour put the Princess to bed as quickly as they could ?
    They were summoned by the king
    They had to work for the Princess's sisters also
    They had to make supper
    They wanted to go to a party
  • Q5
    Who came to befriend the Princess when she was all alone, sad and lonely ?
    A little bird
    A peacock
    A pigeon
    A white elephant
  • Q6
    What did the bird do to entertain the Princess ?
    The bird started dancing
    The bird chatted with the Princess
    The bird sang a lovely song
    The bird told funny stories to the Princess
  • Q7
    The eight Princesses came up with an idea and bought Princess September a gift. What was that gift ?
    A Siamese cat
    A lovely green and yellow parrot
    A white elephant
    A lovely goldfish
  • Q8
    Did Princess September accept their gift ?
    She said that she would accept it later
    Can't Say
  • Q9
    What did Princess September do after her little friend came back from his Father-in-law's place ?
    The Princess tied the bird to the window sill
    The Princess killed the bird
    The Princess put the bird in a cage
    The Princess shooed the bird away
  • Q10
    What reason did the Princess give to the bird for capturing it in a cage ?
    There were dogs hunting outside
    There was a snake on the loose
    There were cats prowling outside
    Eagles were preying outside
  • Q11
    What did the bird want ?
    A huge cage in the garden
    Delicious food
    Golden cage
  • Q12
    Why did the bird dislike the idea of being taken out in the garden in a cage ?
    The bird was too tired
    Because the view was different from behind the bars
    The bird was too lazy
    The bird wanted to go to the beach instead
  • Q13
    Was the bird unhappy with Princess September when she put him in a cage ?
    On the contrary,he was extremely happy
    Can't Say
  • Q14
    How did the bird react ?
    He was lying on the ground as if dead
    All of the above
    He reacted by not eating or drinking anything
    He stopped singing
  • Q15
    How did the Princess react ?
    The Princess scolded the bird very harshly
    She started hating the bird
    She decided to wait patiently assuming the bird will get used to the cage
    She was happy to torture the bird

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