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Probability of Independent & Dependent Events

Quiz by Erin Clark

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  • Q1
    You choose two candies from a bag containing 6 green, 3 blue and 1 red m & m's. What is the probability that you first choose a green m & m and then you choose a blue m& m. Of course you keep both to eat!
    6/10 or 3/5
    18/ 90 or 3/15 or 1/5
    18/100 or 9/50
  • Q2
    Which is an example of DEPENDENT probability?
    Taking a sock from a drawer, putting it on your foot and then taking another sock from the drawer?
    Selecting a card from a deck of cards, putting it back and then taking another card.
  • Q3
    Which is an example of INDEPENDENT probability?
    Rolling a die and it lands on 5 and flipping a coin and it lands on tails.
    Taking a marble out of a jar of 5 marbles and then selecting another marble.
  • Q4
    You have two dice. What is the probability you roll a 4 on one of them and a 3 on the other?
    12/36 or 1/3
  • Q5
    Given a plate of 5 chocolate chip cookies, 4 oatmeal and 6 sugar cookies, what is the probability you take a chocolate chip cookie, eat it and then take another chocolate chip cookie?
    20/225 or 4/45
    25/210 or 5/42
    25/225 or 1/9
    20/210 or 2/21

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