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Procedure Quiz "Banana Pudding Tart"

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Why is it helpful to have pictures in this article?
    To make the article longer.
    To show the reader what the tart should look like.
    To add illustrations to the article.
    To show what the ingredients look like.
  • Q2
    Which item do you not need to make a banana pudding tart?
    a knife
    graham crackers
    an oven
    a pan
  • Q3
    What is the purpose of this article?
    To give facts about bananas.
    To entertain the reader with a story about a boy who loves tarts.
    To show how much John Midas enjoys chocolate in other foods.
    To inform the readers of how to make an banana pudding tart.
  • Q4
    Why do the directions say to chill the tart for an hour?
    To allow the bananas to melt.
    To allow the graham crackers to get soft.
    To allow the pudding to thicken.
    To allow the cook time to make dinner.
  • Q5
    What is the last layer at the top of the pudding?
    Graham crackers
  • Q6
    What would happen if you left the bananas out of the tart?
    You would not need to add milk.
    The tart would turn different colors.
    The tart would only have a chocolate flavor.
    The tart would have a hard texture.
  • Q7
    Read the sentence from the selection. "Spread the broken graham crackers across the top of the bananas." What word in the sentence helps the reader know the meaning of the word [spread]?
  • Q8
    Read the sentence from the selection. [ Clean up your work space and utensils.] The reader can infer that cleaning the work space will
    prevent the leftover food from spoiling and leaving a mess in the work space
    provide a place for people to eat their banana pudding tart
    emphasize the importance of working together
    ensure that the pudding tart is prepared correctly
  • Q9
    Custard is a multiple meaning word . What is the meaning of custard as it is used in paragraph 1.
    a persons last name
    the top crust of a pie
    a sweet mixture of milk and eggs used to fill a pie
    a yellowish color
  • Q10
    Which ingredient is not used in the Banana Tart Pudding?
    graham crackers

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