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Procedures Review

Quiz by Laura Burke

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Which one of these is NOT one of our class rules?
    we are a team
    we try our best
    we envy the successes of others
    we learn from our mistakes
  • Q2
    What is the first thing you do when you come in the morning?
    turn in papers
    hang up your backpack
    sing "Jingle Bells"
    Enter quietly
  • Q3
    When can you move from your seat?
    when you need to get something
    When the teacher tells you/ gives you permission
    when we leave the classroom
    whenever you want
  • Q4
    What guidelines do we follow when walking in the hallway?
    2F- Fast, Frowning
    4S - Silent, Straight, Still, Smiling
    3C-Chaos,Crazy, Confused
    2M-Mellow, Moving, Mute
  • Q5
    What voice level would you use when in a small group?
    level 3
    level 1
    level 0
    level 2
  • Q6
    How will Miss Burke get your attention?
    by dancing on the desk
    clapping three times/ counting down
    by waiting until everyone is quiet
    by shouting
  • Q7
    Where can you find your textbooks?
    your mailbox
    reading area
    teacher's desk
  • Q8
    where do you put your work when you are finished?
    in your mailbox
    in your homework folder
    in your textbook
    in the file with your number
  • Q9
    Where can you find pencils?
    in the container at the front
    in your cubby
    at Miss Burke's desk
    floating in the air
  • Q10
    Every day is just the same - I get my paper and write my....
  • Q11
    What do you earn in class dojo?
    candy for great answers
    points for great behavior
    band-aids for following directions
    pencils for remembering supplies
  • Q12
    What is our goal for this year?
    to do our best
    work together
    glorify the Lord
    all of the above

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