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  • Q1
    The diagram shows the three stages of production. What is X?
    Question Image
    Commercial services
    Non-exhaustive indstries
  • Q2
    Which are all aids to trade?
    manufacturing, warehousing, retailing
    banking, communications, transport
    warehousing, insurance, wholesaling
    advertising, banking, retailing
  • Q3
    Which definition describes commerce?
    serving the needs of the customer
    using division of labour in a factory
    buying goods from other countries
    trading and using aids to trade
  • Q4
    The pictures show four activities. To which classification do all four activities belong?
    Question Image
    construction industry
    manufacturing industry
    primary production
    tertiary production
  • Q5
    The chain of production is complete when the goods have
    left the factory for the retailer’s shop.
    been offered for sale by the retailer.
    left the factory for the wholesaler’s warehouse.
    been sold by the retailer to the consumer
  • Q6
    What is the advantage to a factory owner of using specialization?
    increased use of machinery
    more workers required
    greater craftsmanship
    workers dependent on one another
  • Q7
    What is an example of an aid to trade?
    providing storage facilities
    reducing taxes on imports
    buying and selling goods to make a profit
    creating a surplus production for exporting
  • Q8
    What definition of trade is the most accurate?
    distributing goods to markets
    buying and selling for profit
    importing and exporting
    exchanging goods for other goods
  • Q9
    Which business would be classified as a secondary industry?
    PC Orchard
    BB Supermarket
    WW Factory
    MM Warehouse
  • Q10
    How does commerce assist industry?
    provides building services for construction of factories
    changes raw materials into finished goods
    helps manufacturers to find markets for their goods
    enables manufacturers to use medical services
  • Q11
    The diagram shows people working in a factory.
    Question Image
    chain of production
    division of labour
    primary production

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