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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What may cause a poor Classroom instruction?

    B Substandard teaching competence of teachers

    A. Adverse community influence

    D. Over supply of teaching-learning aids

    C. Wholesome physical conditions of the classroom

  • Q2

    Why may a technique be successful in one situation but may fain in another?

    A. Principles vary

    D. Principles depend on techniques

    B. Techniques depend on principle

    C. Instructional situations vary

  • Q3

    How can slow learner completely learn a particular skill in school?

    D. Keep on repeating the lesson for a month

    B. present to him the lesson thrice or more in varied forms

    A. Present to him the lesson once

    C. Present to him the lesson thrice or more in varied forms

  • Q4

    A bright student ask the teacher a difficult question that the latter cannot answer. The teacher should____________

    D. Promise to answer the question at the next session

    B. Answer the question as best she can

    C. tell the student to look up the question and report the answer to the class

    A. Tell the student that she doesnt know

  • Q5

    Teacher Liza wants to develop interaction among her students in her Math class.

    B. Problem Solving

    A. Modeling

    D. Discussion

    C. Concept teaching 

  • Q6

    In which situation is a learner-centered approach to curriculum designing utilized?

    C. The class activity revolves around finding solutions to problems

    D. Memorization and drill are important learning skills

    A. The focus of learning is mastery in terms of content

    B. Teacher considers learners entry knowledge and skills

  • Q7

    Learners must be taught to take stand and defend the same after a thorough analysis of issues is an advise from a/an_________________

    D. Empiricist

    B. Progressivist

    A. Existentialist

    C. Rationalist

  • Q8

    Don't just believe because your teacher said so. You must be able to prove with data that such conclusion is correct" is  a thought that comes from a/an

    B. essentialist

    C. empiricist

    D. pragmatist

    A. rationalist

  • Q9

    "Why waste so much time copying notes from the board when everything is in the textbook?" is  a remark that comes from a _______

    C. pragmatist

    B. empiricist

    A. progressivist

    D. utilitarianist

  • Q10

    When in curriculum decongestion the first subjects that are dropped are philosophy, arts, humanities and the like, on which philosophy is the curriculum decongestion anchored?

    A. existentialism

    C. perennialism

    D. progressivism

    B. utilitarianism


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