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Programming - First Summative Test


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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Which is considered as the most important factor when choosing materials to buy?
  • Q2
    When should a safe working procedure be written?
    When the boss tells you to do so
    When there are tasks to be eliminated
    When designing a new task
    When you have nothing else to do
  • Q3
    Which refers to the process of identifying which quality standards to focus on and then determine what to do?
    Quality control
    Quality assurance
    Quality planning
    Quality improvement
  • Q4
    Which behaviour affects the quality of work?
    Anton used his sick leave to attend to his friend’s party.
    Jane is always involved in arguments with her co-workers.
    June arrives in the workplace 10 minutes late.
    Mark did not follow the specifications ordered by the customer
  • Q5
    Which behaviour affects the quantity of work in the workplace?
    Customer dissatisfaction
    Failure to follow instructions
  • Q6
    Which focuses on improving the production process?
    Quality planning
    Quality control
    Quality improvement
    Quality assuranc
  • Q7
    Which refers to the direct one-on-one interaction between a consumer making a purchase and a representative of the company that is selling it?
    Customer service
    Marketing process
    Customer interaction
    Customer-company relationship
  • Q8
    Which refers to the sets of rules that outline specification of dimensions, design of operation, materials and performance, or describe quality of materials, products or systems?
    Production Process
    Workplace procedure
    Failure Testing
  • Q9
    Which factor should be considered when choosing the right material for a certain project?
    Cost of Material
    Popularity of the Material
    Source of the Material
    Brand of the Material
  • Q10
    Which task must be done first when receiving materials?
    check the items for any defects
    make an inventory report of the items received
    sign the delivery form immediately
    match the packing slip to the items received
  • Q11
    What is the best way to avoid tripping at the workplace?
    Make sure the workplace is tidy.
    Have the floor cleaned extra often.
    None of the above
    Make sure the floor is uneven.
  • Q12
    Why do people use computers?
    Computers are very fast and not very accurate
    For their data processing speeds, accuracy, storage capacity and ability to work for long periods.
    Computers stores large amounts of data.
    Computers work for long periods without the need for maintenance.
  • Q13
    When the task calls for the removal of parts, use _____.
    measuring tools
    cleaning tools
    marking tools
    loosening and tightening tools
  • Q14
    One of the main reasons why hazardous materials need to be handled and stored correctly are:
    To promote the well-being of people in the work place
    To prevent people being exposed to the material and to protect the natural environment
    To prevent production at the work place
    None of the above
  • Q15
    What is the main way to enter information on your computer?

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