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Programming - KS3

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  • Q1
    What is machine code?
    The written English used to give computers instructions
    A programming language that can be understood by a computer
    A computer's password
    The serial number of a computer
  • Q2
    What does the 'while' statement do?
    Outputs messages to the screen
    Implements selection
    Implements a loop
    Tells a computer to wait
  • Q3
    What does the 'if' statement do?
    Tells a computer to wait
    Implements selection
    Outputs messages to the screen
    Creates a function
  • Q4
    What is a programming language?
    A natural language used to tell computers what to do
    A language used to program a computer
    A language written in pseudocode
    Plain english
  • Q5
    Boolean logic allows us to
    Make decisions using algebra
    Make things true and false
    Run loops
  • Q6
    What would the following boolean statement return? "(2 is an odd number) OR (7 is an odd number)"
  • Q7
    What is the name of a loop that keeps running indefinitely?
  • Q8
    Which kind of loop would you use to run code a specific number of times?
    Condition-controlled loop
    Count-controlled loop
    Infinite Loop
    A repeat-once loop
  • Q9
    An IF statement
    Starts a loop
    Provides a decision point
    Creates a function
    Divides a program into 4 paths
  • Q10
    Which of these is an answer to an IF question?
  • Q11
    A function is a section of code which...
    Converts kilograms to pounds
    Refreshes the page
    Resets all variables to 0
    Returns the colour of the screen
  • Q12
    What's the main difference between functions and procedures?
    Functions perform calculations and procedures perform tasks
    They are the same
    Proceduces perform calculations and functions perform tasks
    Procedures allow iteration but functions do not
  • Q13
    What is an array?
    An indexed collection of related data
    A list of strings
    A list of variables
    A collection of data types
  • Q14
    In the array classmates('John', 'Thomas', 'Maria', 'Malcolm', 'Carla') what is classmates(1)?
  • Q15
    Why are comments in code useful?
    They make it easier to understand how the program works
    They make clear who the author of the code is

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